How to meet the DMR Compliance Reporting Requirements .pdf

2-Day training with optional workshop on preparing your mine for DMR compliance audits

How to Apply for Prospecting Rights in South Africa.pdf

This 1-day training [which can be combined with our SAMRAD course] takes you from Mineral Law in South Africa, how to select a property, prepare the required documents and submit. How to deal with DMR queries will be addressed and we will show you how to prepare for Execution of Prospecting Rights.

SAMRAD Training.pdf

This 1-day training course can be combined with our Prospecting Rights course.

Magazine Master Training in South Africa.pdf

A 2-day course that prepares you with the 1956 Explosive Act and 2003 Explosives Act, and prepares you for the CIE Exam for Storage

Safe Transport of Explosives Training.pdf

In 3-days we will train you about the law of the road, the law of your cargo (explosives of course) and how to complete a compliance and safety audit on yourself, your driving staff and of course the vehicle. With updated material, case studies, practical examples, videos and practical exercises you will take in so much it will live with you for very long.