EcoPartners was founded in 2005, as a team of Environmental Management Specialist and Environmental Scientist provinding out of the box thinking to solultions for various problems.  The business quickly grew to the point where it developed solutions in the environmental and sustainability (People and Planet) arena. Industrial (and mineral) resource industry solutions have been provided since 2010 with the addition of our geologists and mineral economists. We seek to develop and support companies that are in pursuit of enhancing or adding to their triple bottom line (People, Planet and Prosperity, or also known as Human Resources, Environmental Resources and Industrial Resources).



As the environmental section became more established it maintained the core team of four. EcoPartners then, in 2009, commenced its expansion strategy whereby it increased its scope to provide its existing clients with a broader selection of solutions. These migrated from developing Management Systems (like ISO 14001) towards Industrial, Sector, Environmental and Social Due Diligence, Resource Economics (including water and electricity), Industrial Analysis and Strategies (including linkages to other sectors of the economy), Market Research to identify blockages or opportunity, as well as business improvement. A second team was planned and the Resource Economics and Industrial Development (REID) Unit and staffed in 2010.


In 2011 EcoPartners established a dedicated team to support clients with Mineral Right Application Matters. The initial aim was to submit applications for various commodities through the SAMRAD portal. 

The team at EcoPartners can complete all the stages in-house including

(a) Consultation;

(b) the EMP for Mining Rights, Prospecting Rights and Mining Permits;

(c) Scoping Reports;

(d) the NEMA and MPRDA Consultation process; as well as

(e) the EIA and EMPR.


By 2012 we commened managing of the entire compliance requirements of mines on their behalf. This included audits, IWULA and Waste Licence audits.



Amongst our staff we count one of the top mineral economists and mineral development strategists working in South Africa and one of the top waste experts (all waste categories including hazardous). All EcoPartners staff is trained Cleaner Production Auditors and analysts. We havesome exceptional SAMRAD capacity and the only private sector trainer of the DMR SAMRAD system works for EcoPartners. Training has become an important aspect in our business because the needs of our clients extend to the development of their human capital.



EcoPartners has worked with clients across many industries. We originally started with small companies in the waste sector, a research parastatal but continued to grow these. Within 5 years EcoPartners has serviced clients in the following sectors

·         Agriculture;

·         Construction;

·         Government

·         Mining;

·         Retail;

·         Petroleum; and

·         Waste 

Most of our clients are, however medium sized businesses wanting to transition to the next stage in their growth cycle, or strengthen their market position. We not only service the private sector but the public sector as well.


 Operating Regions

Since its inception EcoPartners originally serviced clients in Gauteng Province but has expanded these to the rest of South Africa and beyond the borders of South Africa.

We have thus far built up work experience in:

·         Botswana ·         Mozambique; ·         Namibia ·         Nigeria ·         South Africa ·         Tanzania

Outside Africa we have built up work experience in:

·         Italy ·         Turkey 


We service clients who have interests in Africa but come from

 ·         Australia ·         Canada ·         India ·        Japan 

We have done work for many small businesses wanting to grow and become medium sized companies. We are not just here for small companies and have delivered services to the following large companies like Anglo Coal, Basil Read, De Beers, Eskom, Exxaro, Goldfields SA, Kumba, LH Martinussen, Lonmin, Modikwa Platinum, Pick n Pay and Sibanye Gold.


Projects outside South Africa

We naturally feel comfortable to work anywhere in South Africa as well as the SADC region. We have completed assignments in Mozambique (2007), Botswana (2010), Tanzania (2011) and Zimbabwe (2012). Internationally based clients were added to our client list from 2010 and we are increasingly advising offices of foreign companies (from India, Japan, China, Canada and Australia) based in South Africa.

From its base in Johannesburg, EcoPartners can reach any point in South Africa, Africa and the world